About Us

Legacy Cakes and Courtesies started as a fun hobby after a few cake decorating classes at a local craft store in 2003! After completing all of the classes, I started making cakes for family and friends and soon people that I had never met before! In 2005, I changed careers, and moved to Baltimore, MD where I was based as a flight attendant. My desire to continue baking and learn even more led me to attend Baltimore International College. A premier culinary school in the area, that cultivated my skills and allowed me to be trained and taught some of the most renowned Pastry Chefs on the east coast. Including, Chef Jan Bandula, a Certified Master Pastry Chef. There are only 11 Certified Master Pastry Chefs in the entire country, so this was such a privilege. I would fly on the weekends and attend culinary school during the week while also interning at a local bakery.


I returned to NC in 2009 and baking for my local clientele. I took a break for a while, and now I'm back and better than ever! I offer a wide array of custom cake designs for any occasion as well as soft baked cookies and cheesecakes with Southern flair! By definition, the word Legacy means inherited gift. And I come from a long line of bakers, it's in my blood and I love it! I hope forward to passing on this gift of baking to my daughters, Lauren and Lillian. Legacy Cakes and Courtesies is here to help you celebrate any occasion..large or small. We're here to provide quality, delicious, homemade desserts that taste even better than they look!